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"Sam is the most effective osteopath I have seen yet! His treatments are spot on, each of his movements are precise... after each treatment I can really feel the change in the way my body feels and moves. It's amazing he can do that just in half an hour, and in the most gentle way!"                                                                              

"Nice, gentle treatment."

"In about 5 treatments, Sam sorted out my shoulder problem. I never used to be one for alternative therapies, but I'm so glad I tried it out."

"This is the only health professional I saw who actually figured out what was wrong with my knee and knew how to fix it for good."

"Effective for pain relief :)"

"Sam has been helping me with my headaches, which are much less frequent now. Last time I had a migraine attack, luckily he was available to come treat me in my home, and help me get through it a bit more comfortably, for which I was so thankful."