Headaches and Migraines

One of the most common conditions that present in clinic are headaches.  There are numerous types of headaches ranging from the benign but niggly tension headache, to the debilitating migraine headache, to the potentially fatal headache associated with meningitis.  Chronic headache sufferers know too well the social ramifications of having frequent headaches as this can affect personal and employment relationships if the headaches cause frequent absences from work or missed social engagements. 

The most common headache that present in the clinic is cervicogenic (tension) headache associated with neck tension sometimes radiating into the shoulders and to the base of the skull.  This type of headache is commonly related to prolonged periods of sitting at a computer or desk and can be relieved with gentle techniques aimed at releasing tension in the muscles of the neck and base of the skull allowing for improved range of motion and enhanced circulation to the head.