Mother Care

Pregnancy is as natural as breathing but due to living a modern and sometimes hectic lifestyle, pregnant women can often struggle with aches and pains throughout this time in their life.  Common symptoms like back and hip pain, reflux, pubic symphysis and sacro-iliac joint pain can occur at different times throughout the pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, the woman’s body, particularly the pelvis and spine must be able to accommodate the growing baby which means that any part of the body that restricts this adaptation from occurring can be a site of discomfort.   Most of the time these restrictions are easily relieved with various gentle treatments, allowing mobility in the pelvis and spine thereby providing space for the baby to thrive. 


Baby Care

There is nothing more natural than the birth of a baby but sometimes complications during the mother’s pregnancy or labor can cause the baby to experience symptoms that make the transition into parenthood, especially for first-time parents, challenging. 

Baby’s journey through the birth canal, despite the compressive forces acting on their body, is normal.  However, some births can cause this compression to be exaggerated like births requiring intervention with forceps or ventouse, C-section deliveries, breech babies with the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck or labor lasting several hours

The strain of these types of delivers on baby’s neck can sometimes be associated with difficulty turning their head both ways, latching, winding and sleeping difficulties and colic among other symptoms.  Gentle techniques aimed at reducing asymmetric tension in neck muscles or gentle cranial osteopathy has been associated with improved symptoms.