the migraine studio

The Migraine Studio offers specialized osteopathic consultations designed to help those suffering from severe headaches and migraines. The Migraine Studio offers a dedicated space for multidisciplinary, holistic, evidenced-based treatments that go beyond general osteopathic services. 


Kaspara has created this space following her realization that 45 minute treatments were not enough for people with migraine. Through her Master's thesis investigating the subject, Kaspara learnt that migraine is a deep-rooted condition, for which there is no single solution, but in which a variety of factors are at play. Because of this, the Migraine Studio offers 1.5-2 hour initial appointments to take time to explore all aspects of one's health and commit to finding the best individualized approach. Kaspara uses osteopathy to address musculoskeletal aspects of the condition, but also places a strong emphasis on stress, sleep, diet, exercise, and uses a network of highly skilled practitioners from other modalities (nutritionists, personal trainers, massage therapists, etc) to offer patients a multidisciplinary solution to reduce the impact of migraine.



$180 for an initial consultation: 1.5 - 2 hours

$120 for a follow-up: 1 hour



Please call Kaspara on 027 304 8689 to have a chat and learn more about the unique approach offered in The Migraine Studio.